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ESET Direct Endpoint Management - Setting up automated deployment

Rather than rely on scripts and monitors to enforce the deployment of ESET, the ESET Direct Endpoint Management plugin in the Solution Center has an automated deployment option to make life easier. The purpose of the article is to walk you through enabling this feature.

Before we get started, be aware that the plugin supports multiple options for deployment automation. Assets can be joined to groups and specific groups can be configured as the target as well as allowing automated deployment to be configured on the per client or per location basis. In this article, we will review enabling this feature on a per client basis.

1. Launch the ESET Direct Endpoint Management plugin interface.

This is done in the Control Center client by navigating to Tools -> ESET Direct Endpoint Management.


2. Navigate to Deployment Packages

Inside of the ESET plugin, select the option to Create & Edit located under Deployment Packages on the left side of the window.


3. Setup Automatic Deployment

Select the target package to use for deployment and click on the Setup Automatic Deployment button near the top of the window.


4. Select the target for Automated Deployment

Here we have options to deploy to groups, clients, and locations. Since we are enabling this per client, expand the Clients & Locations tree. Check the box next to the target client and click the Save button. We'll enable this now for XYZ Test Company


Alternatively, if you only want to deploy to specific locations for a client, click the "+" next to the client to expand the location list for that client. Check the locations you want to target and click save.

This procedure should be part of every onboarding project. As a best practice, manually deploy ESET to one or two assets. Confirm that no issues arise, then schedule a date/time to enable automated deployments with your client and support team to ensure everyone is aware of the change.

That's it! You can check this off the list!

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