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Agreements - Creating a new Managed Services agreement

To create a new Managed Services agreement for a client, navigate to the Agreements tab for the Company. There are several ways to get to this tab. For documentation purposes, we will start by selecting Companies -> Companies from the menu.


Search for the target company in the Company Search screen. We'll use XYZ Test Company in our example.


Click the Agreements tab across the top and select the "+" to add a new agreement.


Now we need to give the agreement a descriptive name as well as select the agreement time, start date, and stop date (or select the checkbox for no end date). Once this basic information is entered, click Save.


From here, we can make any additional changes we need such as finance information or covered work roles and types. If we configured the defaults in the Setup Tables for the Agreement Type this will reduce the amount of administrative time spent creating new agreements.


Once all of the parameters are set, we need to start adding our Additions to the agreement. This is done by clicking the Additions tab at the top of the screen then selecting the "+" symbol.


Let's say that XYZ Test Company has purchased Managed Services from us. In our proposal, we quoted 2 servers and 15 workstations for support. In our Agreement Additions, we will add these as line items using the products that we previously build. This allows us to simplify billing for the client by giving the ability to add or remove assets as needed while automatically adjusting the agreement billing amount.

First, we'll add our two servers. Click the Product ID drop down to open the search box.


The search box should then appear.


Now we can simply click the word SEARCH browse all of our products or type the name of what we want. Previously, we named our products starting with RightTech. We'll search for this and see the Server and Workstation products appear.


We'll select our Server product and update the quantities to reflect the 2 servers we will support and then click Save.


If we go back to the Agreement tab and look under Recurring Invoice Parameters, we see that the agreement has automatically updated the billing amount to reflect the 2 servers at $250 ($125 per server).


Now add the 15 workstations we quoted to the Additions list.


Our agreement billing amount will now update to proper amount of $1,225 per month (2 servers x $125 + 15 Workstations x$65). As our client's needs grow with their business, all we need to do to scale the agreement is add the additional covered products!

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