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Creating RT Admin and Client Admin accounts via script

Now that we've added the scripts to create the RT Admin and Client Admin accounts, there is some basic configuration that must be performed to make the scripts functional.

The two scripts we will be working with are located under Scripts -> MSP Automated -> Security. The names of the scripts are:

  • MSPA - Create Client Admin User
  • MSPA - Create RT Admin User

The scripts are designed to pull both usernames and passwords from the Client Information window in Automate and must follow a specific format.

1. Double-click the target client in the navigation tree of the Control Center software client.


2. In the Client Information window, click on the Passwords tab.


3. Right-click in the visible list and select Add Entry.


4. Here's where the specific formatting must be set. The Title field must be entered as "RT Admin" or "Client Admin" as these text strings are used by the respective script to identify the credentials to use. From there, the username should be entered as ".\username" as this will be a local account. Here's an example:


When the script is executed, it performs a SQL query to get the username and password stored for the "RT Admin" (or "Client Admin") accounts and feeds that information into the shell commands used to create the account and set the password. This serves the purpose of documenting the credentials in Automate as well.

5. The "MSPA - Create RT Admin User" script also sets an extra data field (EDF) value with the current date and time. This will allow us to monitor this time stamp and deploy automation to reset this password periodically. Note that the "RT Admin" credentials will need to be updated for each client periodically to allow this to function correctly.

The "MSPA - Create Client Admin User" does not perform this extra step and will not be changed through automation.

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